Why MealMD

Tired of counting calories, crunching numbers, and agonizing over every crumb? Yeah we get it. That’s why MealMD is taking the anxiety out of dieting AND giving you everything you need to succeed. Discuss your health plan with a health coach, learn more about how our bodies use different kinds of food as fuel, and get three ready-made meals a day, six days a week with our meal plan boxes. Join our supportive community and begin your journey to better health today!

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How It Works

MealMD is healthy living and wellness made easy. When you sign up, one of our registered dietitians will help you set goals, provide personalized one-on-one consultations, and offer hands-on advice throughout your entire MealMD journey. After that, you’ll begin selecting delicious, healthy, and pre-cooked meals that are delivered right to your door. That’s it! With MealMD, nutrition is that simple.


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